March Madness

What's up, Dirtbags? Figured we'd pop on and give you an update since we last did back in November.

We have new T-shirts! A brand new design and slogan and available in women's styles as well. We'll have them available at every live show we do.

If you thought 2017 was a great year for Dirt, 2018 is shaping up to be an even better year. 

Shakers Tavern, where we've already played three times, has already lined us up for two more shows this summer -- May 11 and Aug. 3 - and potentially one more before they year ends. Every time we play Shakers, it's the best crowd. They love us and we love them! They will be the first venue we play five times.

We also booked our fourth show with the Sly Fox, which will be June 2. That's another place that loves Dirt as much as we love them. What a great venue for live music! We are blessed that both of these venues have become regular stops on the Dirt-Train!

We finally landed our long-awaited debut show at the Jailhouse Taverne in Grafton. Circle Saturday, June 23 on your calendars. We will play from 2-5 p.m., with Maiden Voyage following from 7-11 p.m. It should be a phenomenal day of metal at one of the best outdoor venues in Lorain County and we are excited for the opportunity.

Dirt also secured a foothold in venues such as the Red Iron in Wellington, Bullshooters in Ashland, the Front Row in Brook Park/Cleveland, Iggy's in Lakewood and Johnny Malloys in Medina. We'll make our debut at the Front Row on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) and also celebrate the 25th show with Jason Ortman on the bass guitar!

Speaking of the Red Iron, holy shit! The Town of Wellington really loves their own, and that's been evident with the two shows we've already played there. That place was jam packed with folks. It was great energy all night long. We filmed part of it for a promotional video we hope to soon release. If Red Iron booked live acts during the summer, we would be there in June or July. Instead, we have to wait until Nov. 3.

Dirt landed a spot on two awesome bills of music at the Akron Empire. First, we'll support Radiatrix and Wrath Icon and (possibly) Evil Eye on July 14 - actually one year to the date of our Empire debut. Second, we will play with Sanitarium (Metallica tribute) and Blacktooth Grin (Pantera tribute) from Columbus and A Few Fighters (Foo Fighters tribute) from Cleveland on a four-band cover extravaganza on Aug. 25.

Dirt will celebrate its 40th show sometime in April (either April 14 at Front Row or April 28 at Smedleys, depending on a mystery show on April 6) and it's 50th show before 2018 ends. Who would have thought we would have 50 shows when we put this thing together in November of 2015?

Lastly, our show on March 31 in Mansfield fell through with two different venues. The proposed show with Sanitarium at the Whiskey Warehouse fell through when the venue closed in January. Thanks to Matt's girlfriend Shari, we quickly got into another venue across town called The Den. However, they notified us this week that they are temporarily closing and our show has also been cancelled. Who knows if we will play there again or not?

Oh, a quick congratulations to our founding bassist Andres Moyet, who married Autumn in early February!

Dirt is in the midst of a three-week hiatus (our longest break in quite some time) as Dan is busy with one of his other careers -- covering high school sports for the Plain Dealer and the Lorain Morning Journal. It was good to recharge the batteries and not worry about the band so much during this time. We'll hit the stage March 17 refreshed, refocused and ready to rock!

Until then, don't forget us! We are Dirt from Lorain County ... and we play heavy metal! You guys are awesome ... WE ARE DIRT!

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