Striking the Empire

Last Friday, Dirt made it's long-awaited debut to the fantastic Empire Concert Club in Akron and it was a fantastic night of metal!

We would like to thank Tail Gunner, who made their debut performance a memorable one in support of us Friday night. No band around here has the balls to cover Yngwie, Savatage, King Diamond, Racer X and Dio material in one night, but THEY DID! We will play many more shows with these guys in the near future, that's for sure! They ruled!

As for us, we played 2 hours straight with no breaks, covering 22 songs and debuting two brand new ones (Thunder Kiss 65 by White Zombie and Highway to Hell by AC/DC) and re-introducing two from the past (Seek & Destroy by Metallica and Junkhead by Alice In Chains) with Jason and Ronny in the band. It was a great night, indeed. Thank you to all who made the trek to Akron to check us out! We earned ourselves some new fans, which is always the goal, and have cemented the Empire as a regular venue for Dirt in the future.

It looks like we'll have two shows in early 2018 back at the Empire. We will headline a show on Friday, Jan. 17 (still looking for supporting bands), and will be back to support our friends in Bound By Fate on Saturday, Feb. 10. We are looking forward to both.

Other changes to the schedule -- we've added a few new shows and rescheduled some others. We are excited about being one of the first bands to play at the Lorain Palace Theater's outdoor "6th St. Experience" on Friday, Aug. 18. Our drummer and co-founder, Dan Gilles, is a Lorain native and very proud of that fact, so we're expecting a great turnout for that show.

Because of an oversaturation of summer shows, we decided to reschedule with Kelley's Pub, which is on the Lakewood/Cleveland border. Three on The Tree, who supported us at Eddie's Club back in February, will take our place and play that show on Saturday, July 29. We are thrilled to help them out --- they are a fantastic power trio covering classics from the 70s and 80s. Kelley's does want us to reschedule and we have a tentative date set. It's tentative because we were holding that date open for another venue who expressed an interest in us performing that evening, but, as of yet, that has not been confirmed. Once all that get sorted out, we will confirm. In a perfect world, we will have shows at both venues.

It's been a busy summer for Dirt and it will be picking up in August, with five shows in four consecutive weekends scheduled. Starting with Saturday's show in Lorain at the Musicians Memorial Outdoor Jam, four of our next five shows are currently scheduled to be outdoor shows. It should be a lot of fun.

As of now, our November and December are void of scheduled gigs. That will hopefully change soon. If your club or venue is looking for bands to play during those months, please do not hesitate to hit us up at 440-371-3279 or 440-320-8976.

Until next time, you guys are awesome! We are Dirt!

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