Summer update

Greetings, Dirt-bags! A lot to update in the Wonderful World of Dirt since we last posted.

First of all, we officially said good-bye to bassist Jason Ortman when he played his final show with us on Saturday, July 14 at the Akron Empire. At his request, we did not acknowledge this on-stage. Jason devoted 15 months to us and helped Dirt reach another level. After dabbling with other potential projects, Jason announced he is reforming his band Fallen Angel shortly after his departure. We at Dirt would like to sincerely thank Jason for his time and effort with us and we wish him nothing but the best of luck in his future endeavors, music or otherwise.

Bassist Bob Rodriguez has been spending the last two months learning our catalog and rehearsing with us. After a few appearances on stage with us at various shows, Bob will make his official debut for us this Saturday at the Dogg House (formerly Johnny Malloys) in Avon Lake. We are excited to begin this new era of Dirt!

Speaking of new members, we are strongly considering a return to a five-piece (two-guitarist) lineup. The last two incarnations of this did not go well due to personality clashes. However, there is only one guitarist out there that would make us consider doing this -- longtime personal friend of the band Tym Broadhead. Tym, who grew up with guitarist Matt Smith and has been friends and a music collaborator with drummer Dan Gilles since they were in college together in the early 1990s, is a veteran of many local bands and has begun learning our catalog. It also brings John and Dan full circle in other ways, as they jammed with Tym in Sleeplord during the summer months of 2015, a stint that - while it failed - laid the foundation for Dirt. It might be a while before this version of Dirt sees the stage, but if and when it does, look out!

We would like to congratulate drummer Dan Gilles on his recent engagement to his girlfriend, Tracy Terranova. The couple are targeting a September 2019 wedding date and we've been told we will be playing during their reception. We are very happy for Dan and Tracy as they begin their new life together and we are happy to welcome Tracy into the Dirt Family!

We have added a few more venues to our growing list of places Dirt has placed, most recently Aces in North Ridgeville. Scott Monos filled in for Dan behind the kit that night and did very well, despite just one practice/rehearsal with us prior to it. We are looking forward to more shows at Aces in the near future. We have also added shows at the Music Lynxx in Mentor in September and Rupp's Place in Norwalk in December, and had a very successful debut show at the Jailhouse Taverne in Grafton on June 23 that will lead to return engagements next summer.

On July 24, we celebrated our second anniversary of our debut show at the Trainwreck Tavern in South Amherst. On Saturday, we will have played our 47th show, with our 50th scheduled for Aug. 25 at the Empire with Columbus-based tributes Sanitarium and Blacktooth Grin. Who would have thought we would have played 50 shows in just over two years, but we have. Thank you to you, our devoted Dirt-bags, for all of your support over these past two years for helping this happen for us.

We are booked pretty solid from now through the end of 2018, with at least two shows set in every month. We have decided to take the first two months of 2019 off from performing to help us recharge our batteries and get together to learn some new material. We fully expect to hit the stage again in March of 2019 armed with more material to help us adapt to all venues and bills, whether we play at places more suited for rock or more suited for metal. 2018 has shaped up to be a banner year for Dirt, and we believe 2019 will be even better! So stay tuned!


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